Ways for tennis training

The training and conditioning of tennis can’t be dissociated anymore for tennis players that want to maximize their potential. Any good training facility that is able to teach tennis has now a strong and conditioning coach to make the practice more efficient as much as possible.

 Conditioning and training for tennis have to be incorporated into Forest Crest Athletic Club the practice routine so that you can get maximum results from your practice. For beginners 25% of the practice time should be spent conditioning and at higher level 1/3 of the total time isn’t too much.

 Training for conditioning includes everything from balance and coordination to strength training. The best tennis players are the ones who are total athletes. In order to be competitive at the highest level, tennis players need to be quick, fast, strong as well as explosive, powerful and agile, and of course they must have a strong aerobic capacity.

 The players who follow a proper training program for conditioning will be better equipped to be quicker on the court of tennis when they are practicing or playing matches. The most skilled tennis players are the ones with the most powerful strokes, but they also are those who are most physically fit.

 Conditioning training can take place either on and off court. It is essential to have it fully integrated in the tennis training. Agility drills can be done daily on the court during, before or after the exercise. The players will be able to improve their footwork skills and will make them much faster in the courts. When players begin to be able to move properly, they will have more time to be prepared for their shots , and they will be a lot more efficient. Being a great shot but being unable to move effectively or setup properly will not aid a tennis player when he is in a match. This is why conditioning on the court , including agility exercises can be beneficial in tennis.

 Off court, once or twice per week, doing some exercise will allow players stay in shape. A high level of aerobic capacity will allow players to be more intense while they are practicing or playing matches. Tennis is a very intense sport and we observe frequently players becoming exhausted too quickly or don’t recover properly. Consistent cardio training including running or biking for 30 minutes is sure to make a difference in the prevention of this kind of situation.

 Another vital aspect of conditioning is strength training. Strength training must be fully integrated into the training program since players are getting stronger and stronger and in order to keep up with your opponents , you have to be just as strong. Strength training is also the most effective way to prevent injuries that happen to often for tennis players.

 Flexibility is also important in order to avoid injuries. This is why a good stretching routine done everyday will be very helpful for players of tennis.

 The primary ingredient in conditioning is consistency on a minimum weekly basis. If a player goes to the gym for 3 weeks, and then stops completely for a short period of time, his physical fitness will decline. It is very important to keep doing conditioning at a minimum to keep the fitness level of the players. If a player doesn’t strike balls for too long, it can be difficult for him to attain his previous levels again. The same occurs in conditioning.

 Training and conditioning in tennis has to be conducted in conjunction and with consistency. This is essential to becoming a top tennis player and this is the reason why it’s difficult to get to the top level in this sport. Tennis pros are complete athletes who work hard at both on and off court by taking specific fitness programs designed specifically for tennis. This is necessary at any age and in any level in order for a tennis player to achieve his maximum potential.

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