My Comfort Zone and Me!

Oh the Comfort Zone! How easy and relaxing it is to stay inside your comfort zone! How nice to have another glass of wine and put your feet up on the sofa every night, being lulled to sleep by the idiot box in the corner! Tomorrow will come soon enough and with it the dull routine of work and the daily grind. Why bother?

Oh I wish someone had pushed me out of my comfort zone years ago!! Instead it was all get a steady job, be careful, behave, don’t rock the boat, don’t stick your neck out!! But if you want to live a great life do stick your neck out, do rock the boat; get out of that comfort zone. Because just outside of your comfort zone is where you Y2mate will begin to find the excitement in life, the greatness in life. You can become someone great. We all have it in us, but not many chose to explore it.

I am just on the edge of another comfort zone at the moment. I am very excited but also nervous!! I keep smiling inanely for no reason! It feels great! My other half and I just keep looking at each other and our looks say ‘are we crazy?’ and ‘what are we doing?’. Then we laugh and carry on. We know we are getting outside our comfort zone, but we are loving it!! People keep saying ‘oh I couldn’t do that!’ and ‘but what if….?’. Well, we’ll deal with problems if and when they arrive!! Why worry about something that might never happen?

You see we only have one life and having arrived in my fifties, this has hit me big time! Life is short and we should live everyday as if it were our last! Get the most out of our time on earth as possible. There are no second chances! Well, none that I know of…..! So we must all grab our lives and start to live them to the max.

I see so many people who could be someone great. But they are living a dull, repetitive small life. That’s fine if that makes them happy, but I know so many people who will spend an entire conversation with me telling me how hard done to they are, how miserable they are, how much they hate their life and their job. Then I see other people who are working full time and also doing a degree course at university, or working three jobs at once to make ends meet, determined to get somewhere in life.

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