The Transportation Security Officer Career

Transportation security officers (TSOs), also known as airport security screeners, are charged with ensuring that there is safety in the US transport system. A security officer monitors and enforces security at all transport terminals while minimizing the level of interruption such checks have on the free movement of goods, services and people. The TSOs are in greater focus today than ever before especially in the light of the high state of alert in the transportation system following the 9/11 terrorist attack. The TSO is at the centre of the strategies employed by the government to prevent the recurrence of a similar incident.

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Virtually all airports in the US now have transportation security officers. This is because of a recent trend in terrorist tactics of targeting aircraft and airports due to the large number of people who pass through airports each day as well as the level of fear that crashing an aircraft would instill in the general public.

The airport security screener thus implements several techniques to make sure that passengers, cargo or baggage at the airport do not have objects that will pose danger to the lives and security of the other passengers whether at the airport or on board the aircraft Luchthavenvervoer Gent Schiphol. This is achieved by screening passengers and their baggage using metal detector wands, patting down passengers, electronic imaging and x-ray equipment. Tickets are also reviewed to determine their authenticity.

Considering the relatively intrusive methods that the airport security screener sometimes has to use to check passengers and airport visitors for harmful items, he or she must maintain good customer relationship by being courteous and calmly answering the questions. The transportation security officer should also be empowered to make quick and sound decisions that will resolve any security incident or dispute that threatens to spiral out of control.

Physical strength is important too since the security officer will sometimes be required to lift luggage weighing 70 pounds and even more. Note that the transportation security officer’s work demands that he or she stand up for about 3 hours continuously. The security officer must be patient but at the same time maintain a keen awareness of their environment. This is quite challenging given the chaotic, fast paced and emotionally straining environment that an airport is.

Once a person meets the basic requirements and is accepted in the TSO training program, they must be prepared to undergo a thorough training schedule that lasts for about 200 hours in total. Even after the transportation security officer completes the training and is deployed, the ever evolving nature of security threats to the transport system mean that he or she has to regularly attend refresher courses to make sure they are at par with current threats as well as the techniques and technology that can be used to counter the threat.

For those looking for immediate work, this is one of the professions they can get into. It does not require extensive educational requirements as some careers in the criminal just field. You just need to do a little more research on the internet to get started.

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