Why Are We Attracted to Orange Jewellery?

Orange is a festive colour. It has multiple benefits, the boldness of red coupled with the vibrancy of yellow. It has a bold and cheerful personality. Its colour meaning is associated with sunsets, dancing playful fires and carefree autumn leaves.

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Orange Jewellery expresses full-bodied lust for life and no doubt attracts attentive curiosity. It’s so bright and full of vigor, that it can only be worn by those with confidence buy gold in abu dhabi. We are attracted to orange jewellery for the exuberance designs, embodied with noticeable orange beads, crystals or gemstones.

Orange attracts us with its eye-catching flamboyant nature. It impresses fun and exudes playful energy. The flamboyancy is contagious. It expresses joy and thus is used as an antidepressant. Orange is also worn to encourage enthusiasm, vibrancy & youthful energy.

As a halfway mark between its red -yellow counterparts, it acts a very versatile colour. Team it with black clothing for a contrasting bold look. Steer towards exotic orange and bright pink for a chic bold statement. Create an appealing authentic look with burnt orange beads blended with cream pearls.

Nothing about this woman is understated. Her bold use of colour and her classic but unique style of dress are just some of the style elements that worked to make Michelle Obama a style and fashion icon of the late 2000’s.

More than being defined by her love of shift dresses, floral brooches and use of belts, she has further defined her unique sense of style through her unique jewellery accessories which tends to be bold, chunky and colourful; everything a statement necklace should be.

Wearing chunky jewellery:
The key to wearing chunky jewellery is not to wear too many other fashion accessories with it. In fact when Obama wears chunky jewellery, it is usually her only jewellery accessory so there is no accessory overkill; just simple and understated use of chunky jewellery to add the wow factor.

How to wear chunky brooches:
Chunky brooches, which have become part of Obama’s signature look, are usually floral brooches. Of all the brooches she wore, the turquoise flower brooch pin by Erickson Beamon is memorable especially since she has worn it with several outfits. She wore it centred on the neckline with a turquoise dress designed by Maria Pinto and centred on a black print dress with a yellow cardigan. She also wore this Erickson Beamon turquoise brooch centred on a white dress. Wearing brooches at the top button of cardigans with the rest of the cardigan unbuttoned is another signature look for Michelle Obama.

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