The Internet Lives Of My Scene Dolls

My Scene dolls are a Mattel invention that today’s little girls just love. Each of the My Scene dolls have individuality and their own social networking “pages”, which include personal information, including their zodiac sign and a list of friends. For girls that are ages 4 to 14 years of age, the My Scene dolls are a series of fashion dolls that were created in 2002, as competitors to the Bratz dolls, bearing a likeness in size and accessories, besides their multi-ethnic backgrounds らぶどーる.

The dolls were named after different locations in New York City and each of them have pets, individual lifestyles, along with guy friends. There have been some special edition dolls, such as the Lindsay Lohan, “My Scene Goes Hollywood” doll, because Mattel received special rights to create this replica of her likeness. Each of the dolls share a small nose, wide cheekbones and large, pouty lips, but certain ones will have rooted eyelashes, and each will have different skin tones, hair colors and ethnic backgrounds.

Advanced technology has changed the way little girls play with dolls because the My Scene dolls are a prime example. Consider long, blonde-haired Kennedy and her profile page, where you can learn about her “girly glam” style, along with her “sassy convertible” ride. Her sign is Aquarius, she has a loaded cell phone and wants to be an actress. Her guy, River agrees with her friends, who say she is helpful, friendly and the life of the party. According to her “latest post”, he is also really impressed with her latest acting showcase and he thinks she will be “a huge movie star”.

When it comes to the My Scene dolls, Kennedy is just one example, but her friends have their own lives, wallpapers and posts of their own. Some of the other My Scene dolls include Kennedy’s friends Nia, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey. For example, Delancey’s profile shows she is a Taurus, whose ride is a skateboard, by comparison. Her career goal is an adventure travel book writer, with a favorite hobby of “flirting”.She’s getting ready for a favorite vacation trip to Hawaii and her guy is Ellis, who wishes he could join her. Of course, her list of friends are the same as Kennedy’s, but you can see that My Scene dolls are living through their profiles and posts, much like today’s teenage girls do.

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