Basic Types of Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment

So, you’ve decided that you want to be a goalie, eh? It’s an admirable choice, as it’s a brave move. The goalie can receive plenty of praise when he’s at his best, to be sure, but he is also usually the first one to receive blame when things go wrong. Still, a goalie playing at his best, dominating a game, what could be better? There’s no position in sports more important than that. If you’re getting ready to begin your adventures with playing goalie, then you’ll need the right ice hockey goalie equipment to get you started.

Ice hockey goalie equipment is of course much different than the gear that other players well. Like them, you’ll have your pads, your skates and your sticks, your helmet and your gloves, but all of it is inherently different than what you would be using otherwise. Of course, goalie gear has come a long way over the past few decades Ice Hockey, so luckily it’s not like you’ll have to be back there between the pipes without a mask over your face, and with tiny little pads.

The most recognizable piece of ice hockey goalie equipment is the helmet. Goalie helmets and masks cover the entire face and top of the head, offering only enough room in the cage to ensure as full vision as possible, in addition to comfort. While you can find plenty of basic variations here, goalies love showcasing their unique style and personality with the helmet, and these typically feature all kinds of colors, artwork and other customizations.

Ice hockey goalie sticks are of course much different as well. They are built to be sturdier, and are built to stop pucks and then perform basic handling or passing responsibilities. It’s not like you need to quickly generate a snap shot into a tight space. You just need to control the puck and then firmly stop it with your stick in certain situations. It’s hard to miss the standout design of the large, rectangular blade on ice hockey goalie sticks.

Of course, the differences don’t stop there either. Your chest protector will be big and bulky, offering complete protection from pucks all the way over your shoulders and down to your midsection. On your arms, you’ll have a sturdy blocker on one, and your big, wide glove on the other. On your legs, you’ll have two thick blocker pads. which cover the entire front of your leg.

Goalies are different from all the other players, and so is their gear and equipment. Hopefully you’ve seen a little bit about the basic different types of ice hockey goalie equipment. From the distinctive helmet and mask, to the different gloves and pads, the sticks and everything else, you need the right lineup of goalie gear if you’re going to be at your best with all those pucks coming blazing right at your face and your body with the game on the line and the pressure turned up to its highest.

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