History and Uses For Gold

Generally speaking gold in its purest form is used for investment more than decoration, as it tends to be quite vulnerable to scratching. It is in a category with silver, palladium, rhodium which are consider precious metals. Because of its malleable nature, it is usually mixed with other metals to harden it and in some cases change its color. Alloyed gold can be made harder by adding nickel or a small percentage of titanium. These alloys not only strengthen it, but determine the color of the metal. For example, yellow gold will contain copper, and the white variety of the metal will have nickel, zinc and copper is mixed in. With these concepts, it can come in many color such as pink also know as rose gold, or purple etc.

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The most widely used alloys for jewelry in Europe are 18 and 14 carat, although 9 carat is popular in Britain 通渠. Portugal has a unique designation of 19.2 carats. In the United States, 14 carat is the most popular density, followed by 10 carat. In the Middle East, India and South East Asia, jewelry is traditionally 22 carat (sometimes even 23 carat). In China, Hong Kong and some other parts of Asia, chuk kam or pure gold jewelry of 990 fineness (almost 24 carat) is popular.

In many countries, laws require that every item of gold jewelry be clearly stamped with its percentage of the metal.. This is often controlled through hallmarking, a system which originated in London at Goldsmiths’ Hall in the 14th century. Today, hallmarking is compulsory in such countries as Britain, France, the Netherlands, Morocco, Egypt, and Bahrain. Jewelers generally stamp their gold jewelry with their hallmark and purity of gold even if there is no law to do it. The purity is measured from 1 to 24. 24 karat (24K [http://goldmarketbasics.blogspot.com/]) is purest form of the metal. So when you hear 18k, it means 18/24 karat which is 75% of the precious metal and 25% alloy. More alloy, or lower karat in gold, it becomes much more strong.

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Cochin, India is an amazing port of call. This is one of the finest national harbors in all of Asia. It is situated on the Arabian coast of India. Since this area was once inhabited by the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the English, there are many diverse influences found here. Everything from language to cuisine, will have their own variety of offerings.

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