How to Draw Cartoon Characters – The Easy Way

Learning how to draw a cartoon character is like making a picture with your mind. That’s it. In the cartoon universe, there are no boundaries, except those imposed by the borders of your mind. Therefore it is extremely easy to draw a cartoon character. It would be best, if you leave all your real world biasness before starting to draw. Just let your imagination flow.

In this guide, we will be exploring how easy drawing a cartoon person can be, be it a male or female, young boy or an old man.

Usually drawing a cartoon person begins with either “ovals’ or “sticks”. In ovals, the cartoon’s main body are made up of different oval sizes. There will be an oval for the head, body, torso, hands and feet.

There make up the outline of the character and all you have to do in finishing the cartoon is to just add in the distinguishing elements such as hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, and finally ending with the clothing on the character. Once that is done, all you have to do is color it.

In sticks, used by beginners, the main body structure of the cartoon character is made up of different length sticks. Generally seen mainly in comics, these “stick men” make the easiest cartoon character you can possibly draw. Just draw an oval for the head and fill in the body, hand and legs with sticks at the right places, and you’ll have a cartoon character in no time. The stick method has the added advantage of being close to the actual human body structure and allow for a better representation of poses, when put into the actual storyboard.

Animation of cartoons is the process of linking a series of slightly different cartoon drawings together to simulate movement. Animation of cartoon faces is about combination of two KissCartoon creative arts from animators and cartoonists. Fiction animations are funniest show ever in electronics media.

Through the years, animation shows had been a perfect source of entertainment for kids and adults. Since the debut of Warner Brothers and Disney, their project starts with white and black animation shows. One of the main icons of Disney Interactive is the face of Mickey Mouse, where it attracts all kids around the world in watching various episodes. The creators of Disney animations have amazed all of kids in watching television. They made people laugh all the way, but sometimes people have learned something on every episode they launched on television. Disney has launched their own channel, which are composed of cartoon animations, movies, and even funny teen shows.

Animation pictures are a sequential cartoon animation with humorous expression faces based on a story or concept. Animators and cartoonists can develop the cartoons. Computer and software help a lot to them to create varieties of animations, games, and cartoon movies.

Adults are also enjoying the cartoon animation shows, not only kids are finding themselves attracted to it. Another type of animated and cartoon characters which are most suitable for both adults and kids is what we call animation of cartoon faces. We believe that there are many people enjoy watching cartoon shows in their cable TV.

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