Facebook Game – CEO Dream Review

CEO Dream is a type of game which first put players as a lowly intern which will one day progress into a CEO of an organization. The game is developed by Koram Game a leading MMORPG developer for the famous Three Kingdom Online web gaming.The game started off players as an intern of a selected company. During the game, players do not get to customize their own their players’ gender F95ZONE. The game itself seems to take players’ gender directly from our Facebook account settings.

During the game, players will be responsible to take up odd jobs and also educational course to upgrade their corporate skills in order to get promoted to CEO one day. To do that, players will notice a schedule box on the top right of their screen right after the game is loaded. The schedule box will provide players with details on what job or training they are talking at the moment and how much time it takes complete it.

Once a job or training are completed, players will then be rewarded depending on the task they take and the level of “Mood” they have (the higher the mood the better the returns will be). Each task seems to be different from one another and players will have to choose what they want to do during the game. I have notice as well that most of the jobs and training classes presented in the game takes a long time to complete. Player is advised to just leave it running and only login into the game once every few hours to continue on the next job. Players can also schedule up to 4 jobs/classes once they reach higher level in the game.

The game itself does have some unique mini-game which allows players to spend a few second after they do their daily work schedule. The mini-game is presented in a kind of funny and it will last for a few seconds only. Games like chasing after a bus, calling out for a taxi and also trying to get into a toilet. All the mini-game seems to be focused on office life situation, which is rather hilarious. Yet, I do find all the mini-game are a bit to very short for my liking Although players can keep playing it, but still it is short and I lose interest in it after like 2 to 3 minutes. The developers could have made it last a bit longer so I can spend more time into the game rather than 5 minutes per-day.

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