An A-Z Guide to Mom Types: From Alpha Mom to Zeta Mom and Everything In Between

Sex certainly becomes enjoyable when there’s nothing repetitive or stale and boring about it. Variety by way of positions and styles adds to the enjoyment.

At the same time it is important to be sensitive to your partner’s likes and dislikes in the act of sex or love making. Not every girl likes it the way a particular girl may like to have sex. You need to take into consideration each girl’s preferences.

Another thing to pay attention to is that a girl does not like to be treated like a rag doll and turned and twisted according to your fancies. She likes to be treated with respect and consideration of how she would like to have sex with you.

There are certain positions, no doubt, that are popular and favorite with most partners. They are some of the best sex positions.

1. The lying down position. The variation in this is though the man is generally above and the woman is affordable sex dolls beneath, the positions may be reversed with the woman on top and the man under. Variation of this type provides a lot of satisfaction as well as excitement in every session.

2. The sitting up position. In this case both partners face each other and participate and share equal responsibility in affording the other satisfaction in the act. While both partners share in the activity it has the advantage of one party relaxing in between while the party is active.

3. The front to back position. In this position the woman is approached by the man from behind, doggy style. In this position too both partners participate equally, one assisting the other. This position allows the man easy and comfortable access deep into the vagina.

In each of these positions the man can first stimulate the vagina using finger and penis alternately before finally using only penis. He can access the g-spot without much problem and help the woman to orgasm more than once

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