Simple Tricks For The Perfect Selfie For Social Media Use

Social media has become an integral part of modern living. Users are always on the lookout to get as many likes, comments, followers and friends as possible dorian rossini. The truth is profile pictures have a way of attracting this kind of attention and so will any other photo that you upload to your profile. Everybody wants to look amazing in social media selfies yet it is not always as easy to take the perfect ones. But using a few tricks, you will manage to take beautiful pictures and upload them without much struggle.

One of the things that determine the quality of your selfies is without doubt your phone. The more sophisticated your mobile camera is the higher the quality of photos it can take. If you are buying a new phone, then always pay attention to the camera pixels and other features. Phones that come with a selfie front camera seem to make things very easy for users because you get a preview of the photo on the screen even before you take it. Another tool you might find very helpful in taking the perfect selfies for social media use is a selfie stick.

One of the best angles for selfies is a tilted head angle. This trick highlights the cheekbones and ends up making the eyes look bigger so you achieve an adoring look at the end. You should also try as much as possible to take the pictures from above whatever the situation. Taking the snap from below only distorts your proportions and you might even end up looking as though you have a double chin. The angle really determines the kind of pictures you have in the end so take only the right angles for perfect photos.

Selfies are basically face photos and this means that the face is the part of your body that you need to work on most before you tap to take the photo. Ensure that clean the face and moisturize it just right without necessarily adding shine. If you love lipstick, then consider wearing favorite bold lipstick and you can also use a highlighter on your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose to get an instant glow. Now that the face is ready, you need to decide what expression is best. The best expression is one that is balanced between duck face and smirk.

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