How to Use Art to Illustrate Your Blog and Website

Your words may sing like a song, but you still need to use art to illustrate your blog and website. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you should have at least one image to get the visual juices of your readers going. Why use hard to get photos when you can use fine art?

It takes time and talent to shoot your own photos! If you use photos from others you’ll run into copyright issues, even if you try to do it right. You could be sued Also, there is the issue of ugly and awkward credits that spoil the visual flow of your article.

I tried public domain photos, but often those are ancient and makes the article look out of date. Public domain requires and arduous search process and you are never quite certain that your right to use it is secure.

Finally I stumbled upon the perfect solution. We’ve had an online art gallery since 1991, so I’m no stranger to art images. My wife is an artist and I am a sculptor, and we also promote other artists.

Unless your blog or website is about breaking news, art can provide a more pleasing image to illustrate your talking points than hard edged photos.

Most artists would be flattered by your request to use their art, especially if you make the image clickable so that a viewer might buy it if he finds it irresistible. All you have to do is use your favorite search engine to find what suits you. Look for art about your keyword subject. Millions of potential images will appear. There will be a small lag time as you contact the artist and he or she responds, but the extra eye appeal it adds to your blog will be well worth the trouble. Select the image you like and contact the artist for permission to use it in your article in exchange for a link.

One of the most important things you need to learn to run your own blog is how to post. Blog posts require a different style of writing than your local newspaper or your college essays. You need to make things fast, easy to read, and interesting in order to keep your visitors coming back for more.

When writing a post, you need to look at everything from a visual aspect. People are scanners. That means they look over the article in full and just go to parts that look the most interesting. So you need to make frequent use of headers and subtitles. Once they stop and start reading, they’re more likely to read the rest of your article.

Also, make your post visually appealing through using pictures, video, bullet points, and numbered lists. These break up the normal paragraph and encourage your readers to keep going.

You also need to decide on a posting schedule. Some people say it’s best to post every day. But if you have a narrow topic, this may not be the best option. Consider your audience, and decide how much time you can commit each week to your blog. Remember, you’d only need to post, but you need to build back links as well.

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