Automated Roulette Strategy VS Non Automated Roulette Systems

When it comes to software that automates Roulette bet placing, there are few to choose from at the current time. In fact, you can count the number of software that automatically place bets according to a strategy on one hand. The fact is, it’s not an easy software for anyone to create. You have to think about what needs to be done.

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First, an automatic roulette software needs to be able to communicate with the casino software. Since every casino software is different, this limits the number of casino softwares that are supported.

Second, automatic roulette software needs to be able to place bets, and it needs to place bets according to a good and proved strategy DewaQQ. While being able to place bets at 200 bets a minute is a beautiful thing to watch, it is not very practical if the strategy behind the bets is idiotic. In fact, placing 200 bets a minute in bad locations is not only a waste of money, it is a crime.This brings us to the comparison of why Rou-B – The Roulette Betting Bot is so different from the rest.

Sadly, most automated roulette betting software are just rehashes of the average roulette strategy and in the long run they fail at winning. This is where the developers of Rou-B – The Automated Roulette Betting Robot got things right. They took everyones favourite software (like Roulette Sniper, Roulette Killer, Roulette Raper, and R-Bet) and FULLY AUTOMATED THEM! Keep reading…

A quick comparison between Rou-B and the other roulette betting bots shows that Rou-B is a far superior product (there is a reason why it is a leader in its field). First it was created to run other roulette software strategies. That is right you did not read that wrong! Rou-B AUTOMATES the winning software systems you already own!

The roulette software Rou-B seamlessly integrates with is, Roulette Killer, Roulette Sniper, Roulette Raper, and R-Bet. This means that Rou-B does not try to reinvent the wheel. It can be assumed that the above Roulette softwares are number one in their respective categories for a reason, (simply because their strategies do work!) Most other automated betting bots on the other hand does the complete opposite. They attempt to reinvent the wheel by literally attempting to reproduce Roulette Sniper. The look of all the new automated roulette betting software is so very similar, as well as the way in which it attempts to offer bet suggestions. There is one big flaw however — these sad automated bots are inferior roulette strategy software and they just can’t compare to the real power of Roulette Sniper (or the many others that Rou-B automates). In fact, it is so inferior, it’s a joke!

Although there are several more features that Rou-B offers, such as the ability to let America Players play at the leading USA casinos with their automatic roulette robot, I can’t possibly go over all the features here but you can check out the Rou-B – Automated Roulette Bot website for a ton of amazing information, and also on my review website.

Basically put, the other automated betting bots do not at present time allow American Players, and Rou-B does (This alone will make you Buy Rou-B). Not only that he automates all your favourite software and allows you to play at 13 leading online casinos! When paying $90 for a product, I think the best way one can go is to try Rou-B. Besides, when investing in Rou-B – The Automated Roulette Betting Strategy Robot, it is like getting 5 leading roulette betting software in one. It takes what works and automates it, and from that perspective you cannot go wrong.

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