Shareaza P2P File Sharing – Dissected in Speedy Beast-Mode

The Gnutella client titled “Shareaza” was launched in July of 2002 by programmer Michael Stokes. Within a couple years he included compatible support for the eDonkey network, with BitTorrent, and then, shortly after, added a rewrite of source code for Gnutella 2 networks as well. Shareaza grew tremendously in popularity and job offers came pouring in to Mike for his great success with the cyber-nifty p2p file sharing program. Mike discluded further planned to work on the p2p application as the legal issues arose climatically during the time so he unveiled its source code to the public via the GNU on June 1, 2004 (the same time Shareaza V 2.0 was released). Projects like Mercora (a radio-type p2p sharing application) were more to his liking. The domain was later transferred to Jon Nilson, an acquainted alpha-tester of the dinosaur Shareaza version of old. He ran the name until 2007.
Red Alert: Ease of Use

Upon completion of installation, all you have to do is enter your name, any of course, and your email if you wish to be included in a feedback query. Next, you choose what your connection speed is; this question simply sets up uploading and downloading configurations when you begin connecting to networks and fellow file sharing peers KICKASSTORRENT. It’s also recommended to set your uploading speed very small, little to none at all, as there are so many people sharing the same files just a tiny bit adds up to a decent speed for file seekers.

All-In-One AntiSpam Filter: Why it Fails?

I typed in a search for hubpages on p2p file sharing. Naturally there isn’t going to be anyone sharing hubpages files or movies of their hubs like shown in this picture. Listed is what I call “ghostvirus” files or “spoofs”. ‘Lame brains’ put these on the server to see who is dumb enough to download them. Shareaza plainly states the files are unregulated and never monitored, possibly quite harmful to your computer if discretion is not used. Shareaza includes a recycle dumpster for the ghost files. Use it. Don’t do it kickass movie 2. Your PC will most likely lose integrity and version or operating system may be toast!

Shareaza is Legal when sharing your Material!

Shareaza is perfectly legal when uploading your own material or creations. In contrast, when downloading copyrighted materials or media you don’t have permission to sample or distribute it is highly illegal. The U.S. Copyright Office may want to speak with you if you do in extreme cases.

File Ratings: Use Caution

Next to files you will see the ratings. Listen to reason. If most people give it four stars it’s legit, however, if you keep seeing the same file and its size is 10mb at the top, it may be a spoof or garbage file. Don’t download it. You can search for many files simultaneously. Take advantage of this feature. If the file’s garbage move on. Not every file can be found, but many you didn’t think you could find will be available, therefore accessible.

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