Speak Good News

Tired of being tired especially when you just finished your vacation? Has life lost its meaning? Waiting for the anti-depressant drugs to start working? Hoping for some good news? Want a change in attitude… try speaking good news today! https://dopewope.com/

When you think about a new baby, a marriage, a new kitten, a good medical report, a promotion, a vacation, an anniversary, a birthday, a new car, a graduation, and or a family reunion? Do the super emotional feelings of giving sharing and love ring a good tone? When you hear these words, how does it make you feel? For most, hearing good news, brings a gift of joy to the heart?

What is it that you normally hear daily? Gasoline prices going up, a divorce, a bad health report, a shooting, a robbery, a bad economy, a job loss, cost of living increasing, a foreclosure, crime, loss of a relative and so many other depressing thoughts that cover the daily newspaper, magazines, and TV. It’s the main topic of conversation and gossip that most everyone is endlessly talking about.

We hear it when we get up, all through the day, while we eat and when we are going to sleep. It’s constant and just never seems to end. In fact, just when you thought how bad could it get, a breaking news story captures your attention. It’s always bad and negative news, and actually more craziness than you care to know. When does it all stop?

When is the last time that you heard any…good news? When is the last time that you heard of a good deed being done for someone else? A heartfelt story that left you welling up a bit, on hearing a great human-interest story that had a live happily they’re after ending? It’s enjoyable to share good news with others.

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