Why Hasn’t Live Blogging Caught On?

With all of the changes and advances on the internet, the question has been asked, “Why Hasn’t Live Blogging Caught On?” Actually, it has in at least one form, as a microblog, and that is Twitter. Of course, when most people think of live blogging they think of a much larger scope than be accomplished with Twitter tweets.

First, the definition of live blogging centers around “events”, where a blog is used to chronicle the activities at certain events, much like a textual news report. This has also come to include video or static pictures taken during the event, and should not be confused with a live webinar or streaming video sort of production fastnewsisland.com. If you think of live blogging as informational articles much like on-the-spot news reports, but done by individuals to support their own blog, you have a good idea of what it has become, or at least is becoming as more people are involved.

As you would imagine, the “live” part of the title means the blogger is not only on site, they are sending in updates as the event unfolds.

This has its problems, the largest of which is the time that is expended. There are issues with not only the amount of time spent on site and travel to and from it, but the time of day the events happen as well. This is probably the biggest limiting factor, as most of us just cannot make our schedules fit around the timing of some events we might want to cover.

Technical advances have made it possible to submit blog text and images from a smart phone, and there are still some hiccups with funneling the “feed” from the smart phone to the blog. However, the old problem with time is still a major hurdle to overcome before live blogging gets much more popular. Of course, winning the lottery would make it a lot easier, but there aren’t enough lottery wins available to allow everyone that might like to participate in live blogging the opportunity to become independent of a regular “day job” and roam about making live blog posts.

Perhaps once some enterprising soul figures out how to monetize a live blog to cover the expenses of being on site and dedicating the time, we will see a quicker spread of live blogging.

Live, breaking news events, sports, music, plays and theatrical presentations are all potential targets. The ones that fit our schedules will likely begin to see some coverage, which may cause other bloggers to get involved, with an “If they can do it so can I” attitude. This may be the greatest reason for increasing popularity, but only time will tell.

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