Hand Truck Wheels – Which Ones Do You Need?

So you have had your trusty hand cart for quite a while now. It has held up to the constant abuse that you and your crew have thrown at it. It has most likely moved several tons of different types of materials. It is a work horse but now your starting to notice that the wheels do not look so good.

With all of the mileage you have put into this cart, it only makes sense that the tires would wear out. Just like automobile tires, the tires on your hand truck should be changed every so live carts often. This will help keep your cart in tip top shape. Relax, they do make replacement wheels and the choices can be confusing.

Here is a list of the most common types of replacement hand truck wheels:

  1. Mold on Rubber – Solid rubber with no tread, Great for heavy loads
  2. Pneumatic – These are tires that have to be filled with air. They are great for rough terrain.
  3. Solid Polyolefin – Great for use in wet or corrosive environments. Can withstand extreme temps.
  4. Solid Rubber – Easy to move under heavy loads with a wide tread.
  5. Phenolic Resin – Rough ride but great as load bearing wheels.
  6. Semi-Pneumatic – A hybrid wheel that is a cross between the mold on rubber and Pneumatic tire.
  7. Balloon Cushion – It is a rounded solid rubber wheel that will flatten to accommodate heavy loads.
  8. Non-Flat – An all around great replacement wheel. These wheels require no air. They have slightly less cushion and do great on hard surfaces.

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