Get the Most Out of Your Serviced Office

What Is A Serviced Office?

A serviced office is the type of office that can be rented for a short time from one month up to one year. You pay a fee for every single month, and the price includes all the costs such as rent, service charges, reception charges, furniture etc.

Serviced offices are most commonly situated in large business facilities, and may inhabit an entire building or at least one floor. Such business centers are common in all major cities.

Advantages of Serviced Offices

There are many advantages that come with renting a serviced office compared to some of the ordinary means of renting, and they are:

* Small set-up fees
* A simple and easy to comprehend license agreement that does not involve participation of a legal person
* A completely equipped and furnished office space that is ready the moment you rent it
* One simple payment each month that includes all costs
* Best internet and phone providers connected and ready to use
* No long-term agreement
* Ability to create more or less space according to your needs
* Excellent receptions or lobbies for your clients to wait in and qualified staff to help you with your everyday business tasks

Furnished or Unfurnished Office?

When you are about to rent a serviced office, you can either choose fully furnished office which is ready to move in, or semi serviced/managed office which is furnished or unfurnished to your preference.

In case you do not have your own furniture, you are best off to select fully furnished office space. This can be very convenient since you avoid the hassle of moving in your furniture and spent hours measuring the space and positioning all the equipment, as well avoid the trouble of moving out the furniture when you no longer require the office.

If at some point in the future you decide you want your own furniture moved in the serviced office, you can just ask for the assistance from the staff available in the business center and they will be happy to replace their furniture with yours.

Receptions and Meeting Rooms

Generally all business centers have a lobby or reception area, where receptionists take your calls and greet your clients. There is also an administration and secretarial staff available for you to use for tasks that represent a nuisance to you, such as photocopying or envelopes stuffing. They are usually paid for every task individually, so you can easily organize your budget.

A serviced office will provide you with enough space and comfort to do your everyday work. In case you plan to have a meeting with your business partners, you are welcome to hire one of the meeting rooms readily available to you. You can generally h alquiler de scooters ire them up to a full day, with additional equipment such as video conferencing and overhead projectors. Sometimes catering services are on disposal as well.

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