The Unexpected in Sports

Looking at all the sports manifestations that happen every year around the globe, we can see all sorts of things, from spectacular wins through weird accidents and to amazing comebacks. This is why we watch sports, maybe even the main reason. Of course it is for fun, and relaxation and for having something to talk about with your mates, but those moments that no one can predict and are rarely seen are what it makes it all worth it. I mean, who would want to watch a boring sports game, for example a football match, where both sides are very passive, with no intention of scoring a goal or winning. That is one of the problems, in such games, where all the teams have in mind is not to lose. That kills the sport, and frustrates the fans.

That is why, for example, FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) is considering canceling extra periods at World Cups, to encourage teams to play as offensive as possible, in other words, to play. They are also considering reinstate the ‘golden goal’ rule, which is when a team scores a goal in extra team the game is automatically over and they are the winner. That would put a little pressure on the teams, because they could lose at any moment and no one wants that 메이저사이트.

But back to the unexpected in sports. What can we classify here as unexpected? It is those moments of great skill or really silly actions that we can see rarely. These kind of things do not happen every game, match or other sport manifestation. Of course this kind of stuff has mostly to do with luck, or bad luck, whatever the situation. I mean, no one can say that scoring an amazing shoot from the center of the basketball court is all about skill. Some skill is involved, you have to shoot at that direction, at some angle you think is right and that still might not be enough, because I believe everyone thinks you need a little bit of luck in any sport.

These unexpected situations can be divided into two categories: the good and the bad ones. Let us look at the later first. The bad situations in sports range from spitting on someone to much, much worse. Spitting is even not so uncommon, it can be seen more and more. Of course, this is not a good thing. Sports people should be role models to younger audiences who watch them in person or on television. The kids might get a wrong idea, if you know what I mean? Going up on the bad scale, the more extreme would be fight, that break between teammates, players of different teams, the audience and the referee even sometimes. Seeing players fight each other with vicious hatred is not at all something worth a praise, but is surely unexpected. The worse case scenario of unexpected event in sports is surely the death of a participant. When one of them collapses of the physical strain he was caused that is surely the worst that can happen.

But, on the bright side, we can also see a lot of brilliant moves and great lucky strikes in sports. Scoring a last second basket or a goal from the center of the field, is surely good for one team, though probably the other one will not be so thrilled about it. Probably the most recent example would be the FSV Mainz, who is a club with a small budget and not so many star and famous players, and yet in six games they won them all and are now sitting on top of the Bundesliga table. Of course no one expected this, because they beat some strong teams to achieve this success (even Bayern Munich, the defending champion). This makes their fans very happy probably, as it would everyone else whose club or favorite sports person was always winning. This sort of moments makes it all worth it, though they surely are unexpected, it is the reason why we love sports, enjoy them and follow them.

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