Shopping in Athens

What first comes to your mind when you hear of Athens? Well, maybe Olympics or the Parthenon. But did you know that shopping in Athens can be a very satisfying and fun experience as well?

Although not as upscale as the shopping centers in Paris, there are shops in Athens that are located on its several districts. But despite the large land size of this city, it houses relatively few shopping malls in the area. Most shops are small and are mostly family-run shops 레플리카.

If you are looking for souvenirs, you will be soothed by the wide array of choices along the Plaka. Most of these shops offer cheap knick-knacks and trinkets that serve as perfect memories about your visit to Athens.

Want to try bargain-hunting in Athens? Then the Ermou Street is just right for you. It is located beside Syntagma Square. To reach the Ermou, you have to pass by the MAC makeup shop and head on to Aghiou Markou and other small streets. In these busy alleys, you are most likely to find fabulously cheap bags, jewelry, gift items and shoes. Also, for the cheap finds, who else can beat the street vendors? You can easily spot them with their items laid out on blankets along the pavements. This scene can be usually found in Plaka or Monastiraki.

For shoppers with serious amount of money to spare, head on to the Kolonaki or Kifissia where the upscale and hip items can be found. You can also give The Mall located at the Metro station a try as it is the biggest shopping mall in the city.

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