Why Charms Last Longer

For many people, the charm bracelet is the epitome of the gift that keeps on giving. This is the type of gift that you can give in installments. For every birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or anytime gift, you can simply add a new charm to the bracelet that means something special. If you’re the type of person who loves giving gifts like these, a charm bracelet is an excellent option. This eclectic new type of charm bracelet is an excellent option because it lasts longer than most other types of charm bracelets when it’s worn every day. There are a few reasons for this.

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The main reason that charms last longer is the way they’re attached to the bracelet. With a traditional charm bracelet pop it, the dangling charm is attached by a thin jump ring to a chain-style bracelet. This is beautiful and fun, since the charms dangle and clink together with every movement of the hands. However, it can also be easy to lose these charms. Since they dangle down, they’re easy to catch on clothing or other objects. Unless the jump rings are securely welded together – and sometimes even if they are welded – they’ll pop right off. Many times, you don’t notice until days later that a charm is missing.

Charms are put on differently, so they tend to stay on the bracelet. Each charm is completely round like an individual bead. It slides onto the bracelet, and lays more flush against the skin. This means that these charms are less likely to get caught on other objects. Even if they do get caught, they’re sturdy enough to withstand a few tugs until they come loose. A few of the charms made by this company have dangling pieces, though. It’s important to choose these charms carefully and to be careful of catching them on clothing when wearing these charms.

Another reason that charm bracelets will last a long time is that they are made from high quality materials. Some of the charms you buy at jewelry stores are simply made from lower quality materials. The lowest quality materials charms are made from is sterling silver, and that’s still a very long-lasting material. You can also get charms made from thick colored glass, beautiful polished wood, and twenty-four karat gold. When these charms are made from such long-lasting materials, they’ll definitely last for many years to come.

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