Natural Remedies For Hair Problems (Part One)

The hair on a person’s head grows about 25 feet in an average lifetime. We each lose about a hundred hairs a day. Most of the time, the hair grows back. When it doesn’t, the hairstyle changes from “parted” or “unparted” to “departed”. 90% of baldness can be attributed to hereditary factors. The people who offered the following remedies say they really work! 펄안마

About an hour before bedtime, take a clove of garlic and rub it on the hairless area. An hour later, massage the area with olive oil, put on a cap and go to bed. Shampoo the next morning. Try this procedure for a few weeks, and hopefully, the hair will have stopped falling out and regrowth evident.

This one is strange, but you might as well give it a try: Three times a day, buff your fingernails with your fingernails for five minutes at a time. Rub the fingernails of one hand across the fingernails of the other hand. It is supposed to stop hair loss, encourage hair growth and prevent hair from graying.

With what our hair is subjected to – bleaches, dyes, rubber bands, permanents, mousses, sprays and greasy stuff – it is amazing that it survives. Your hair may not be destroyed by this type of abuse, but it can look lifeless and become unmanageable and unhealthy. One way to tell if it is healthy is by its stretchability. You should be able to stretch a strand of adult hair to 25% of its length without breaking. Less elasticity means less than healthy.

You can make your own hair-growing tonic with 1/4 cup of onion juice and 1 tablespoon of honey. Massage the scalp with this mixture every day.

One remedy that came from a Russian man who emigrated to the United States – one tablespoon of honey in a jigger of vodka and the juice from a medium sized onion. Again, apply the mixture into the scalp each night, cover, shampoo the next morning.

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