Why Do Federal Agencies Prefer Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The federal agencies have been consistently using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and there are several reasons that work in their favor. Analyst Rob Enderle points out that the first reason is that the product works efficiently and secondly the software is capable of doing all the essential paper work that is required to help the companies bid in an assertive manner.

Microsoft offers Dynamics Customer Excellence Awards every year and this time the receiver of the awards is none other than the government agencies due to their effective use of the technology. Even though cutting back on costs is one of the main initiatives for the government agencies using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, there are many agencies that are using this software in order to better align with the Executive Order 13571.

The Executive Order 13571 enables the government agencies to provide citizen services in an efficient manner. Microsoft said that the government agencies are turning to this method instead of the costly legacy systems to upgrade their infrastructures and streamline the operations. The federal leaders are in a way harmonizing the reality of considerable budget cuts. There are numerous agencies that are fast adopting the software to overcome the challenges, update IT environments and cut costs.

The Department of Veteran Affairs for example used the Dynamics CRM in order to renovate the Veterans Benefits Call Centers as well as the Pension Call Center. With the help of the software, the agency used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide access to thirteen crm agency different databases that had to be previously queried separately but they are now viewed all together.

Microsoft Dynamics software has enabled VRM offer a medium for the millions of veterans and their families every year. More than one million calls have been improved with the help of this technology and now the company is planning to
The Air Force agency is utilizing the software to project the global military power through air, cyberspace, and space. This execution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables the Air Force develop, manage and progress its potentialities in the workforce management, event management, visitor access, and mission planning. It also provides a much efficient access to the personnel records thus significantly improving the mission execution.

Besides the ones mentioned above, Microsoft also has other federal agencies as its customers and they include the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of Defense, Unified Combatant Commands, and all other military departments. These government agencies make use of this advanced software for mission planning, intelligence gathering, on-boarding, operations, task management, and much more.

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