Laxative and Bowel Support

All of you have the Hamburger, Hot Dogs and French Fries (fried in trans-fats no less) fast foods, processed foods, etc, and can’t go or go too much. Syndromes of gas and bloating intestinal distress are very common now. The Famous Tonic that goes back thousands of years, from the Ayurvedic Traditional Herbs is Planetary Formulas Triphala, with it’s balanced blend of Herbal Fruits of Harada, Amla and Behada. It comes in tablets or powder, called Triphala Tri Cleanse, a staple in households throughout India.

Very gentle, can be taken indefinitely. As we welcome you to the World of Constipation, Bloating, Indigestion, and can’t go, or too much going! “What about Parasites”? There’s an issue, hardly anyone addresses. These are the uninvited guests, which we can pick up from anywhere, includes food, nosebleeds, or bloody diarrhea etc. Possibly our Veterans that come home from the wars and have all kinds of chronic health issues, and no results. Hulda Clark in her Book “The Cure for All Cancer”, says “Purge Those Parasites”. Kroeger Herbs has the Parasite Killers-Wormwood Combination that has Black Walnut, Quassia, Male Fern, and Cloves. This famous formula contains everything for sluggish anything from intense itching, poor bathroom habits and has also been known to work with cancer.

Country Life has this in liquid, Black Walnut/Wormwood Tincture in an alcohol free Cinnamon base. This is getting to be an epidemic, so take note of this one, so if you are feeling lousy and can’t find reasons, consider this. Also, be sure to start implanting your good Bacteria. Now Foods has the Acidophilus 4x 6 10 Billion, of that good Bacteria in powder, which I suggest is the best way to take it. They also have the 8 Billion Acidophilus With Bifidus, hits both your lower and upper intestines.

A very popular product is the well known Chinese Formula DR. SHEN’S Stomach Curing Pills which has (Kan Ning Wan) Jobs Tears, Poria (Fu Ling removes stagnant water in the stomach), Gastrodia (helps with intestinal spasms), trichosanthes (Gua Lou Ren.. used as a mild laxative), tangerine (for upset stomach). Now for a little more detoxing. Naturade has Aloe Vera Detox Formula with Milk Thistle and Burdock, both Liver Herbs. You can drink this or add to a beverage. (Non-toxic of course). Holistic Horizons has the Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Formula, one that gets clogged pipes. Its also known as (stagnant chi meaning all kinds of stoppages and stagnation).

Also their Bulking Powder has all the Herbs in powder form, for those that won’t swallow tabs or caps. By now, everyone is aware of Nature’s Secret, the 2 part cleansing system- Ultimate Cleanse with the multi-fiber and multi-herb. This one is actually saturated with Herbs and Fiber. After all, where does it all go after you eat? Bad guys in the gut lead the way to Auto-immune diseases, Inflammatory Bowel, even Cancer. Dr. Gary Huffnagle, PHD, University of Michigan Health System, a leading researcher of Probiotics, calls this a “Sick Gut”. Also called Putrefaction and Intestinal Toxemia, Mal- absorption and systemic toxicity (what’s that ..It means, way down in the gut).

The Green Phyto Foods by Now Foods, will keep everything humming. This one has all the Algae’s Plant Foods, which also means lots of Antioxidants and Veggies, keeping that inside tract nourished, cleansed, detoxed. 2 pounds of powder or tabs, other benefits Glucofort include Blood Su-gar Balancing-so you won’t be tempted by that sugar treat. Keeps unger at bay. Good microbes work with our bodies immune system. Norimoor’s calls it Herbal Melange 380 Herbs in Liquid Form in this European Researched Formula, which helps rebuild your digestive tract, balance your gastrointestinal juices, absorbing gas and acids so bacteria and parasites can’t live there. Liquid Form, easy to take, UC (Ulcerative Colites) seems to be a condition of low Fiber and Enzyme deficiency. Allergies, also, bad digestion, with loss of absorbation of nutrients.

Now Foods has the Super Enzymes and Jarrow has Gentle Fiber 1 pound of Fermentation of these Fibers, including Probiotics and Lignans from Flaxmeal (you won’t have to grind these) Jarrow -Dolphilus Eps, lots of strains here, you can take it with you anywhere-no refrig needed. Gerd and Acid problems persist, and millions are on medications. Meanwhile Natural Styles has the Noni Fruit Enzymes in a drinkable 12 to 1 Concentrate. Pure Juice-also in caps. Food Science Of Vermont has All-Zyme includes the Betaine Hydrochloride and Bromelain. Honso Kampo 4 Digestive Herbal Products. Asian Herbs for Intestinal Harmony. Helps with Diverticulosis (means inflamed muscles of the colon). More Fiber would be helpful. Colostrum natures first food by Source Naturals in powder and caps. A building Antibody, which improves Colitis, and IBS even Lupus. Known to stop disease where it starts in the colon. Children and your Pets can take this. Especially helpful for diarrhea.

Hemorrhoids are increased pressure and swollen blood vessels. Naturade has Softex Stool Softener. Boiron has Hemorrhoid Suppostories. To add to this, Long Life Teas has the Peppermint Organic Tea for digestive issues, for children too. Abkit Camocare Bekunis has an Herbal Laxative Instant Tea. Dependable relief to keep on hand. Child Life Essentials has Colostrum Plus Probiotics with FOS in powder. For pets with tummy issues (depends on what they picked up from the ground) Dancing Paws Pets has Shake-N-Zyme Powder, a Probiotics Enzyme Formula, just sprinkle on foods.

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