Compatible Match – Are You Getting Enough Attention?

You are happy because you have found your compatible match 相睇公司, but are you getting enough attention? Is the attention that you are getting positive or negative attention? Are you giving your partner the positive attention that he or she needs or are you showering your partner with negative attention? What makes for the healthiest mature dating relationships?

We get attention for our behaviors and for our individual characters and personality traits 香港婚姻介紹所推薦. The attention that we get can be positive or negative. Obviously, we all would like to get positive attention from our dating partner; however, this is not always the case. Many times in our romantic relationships, we are showering each other with negative attention and that is not healthy for our relationships. Of course, if we have a false positive amount of attention that is being given all the time and no reality sets into our relationships, we need to find that balance that will promote healthy growth in our relationships.

Let’s discuss some of the negativity first. You can be giving your partner negative attention and you can also be receiving some negative attention. Both cases are not healthy and you need to get to the root of the problem and figure out why these types of negativity are being doled out. Are you exhibiting a bad attitude all the time? Are you depressed and bringing your partner down into that depression? Do you have a character trait that is sarcastic and always giving smart remarks to your partner? You may be a compatible match with your partner match agency, but if your bad qualities are exceeding the good qualities that you have, then you do have a problem and need to find that balance again.

Do you have a positive attitude? Are you receiving a positive attitude all the time from your partner? If so, this is a good thing. It is great to receive encouragement from your partner. It is commonly said that it takes about 7 positive comments to cancel out 1 negative comment. Just imagine that. It should give us pause when we get into those arguments with our partners. In the heat of the moment, we oftentimes say negative comments that are not so nice. We need to keep those positive comments coming. Are you verbally encouraging your partner everyday? Do you send your partner encouraging text messages during the day or leave encouraging notes for him or her to find throughout the day?

There is a delicate balance to finding a healthy and happy medium when it comes to giving and receiving positive and negative behavior in our romantic relationships. Positive attention is always best; however, you need to make sure that reality does set in when necessary and you are able to speak the truth, not necessarily, negatively, but speaking the truth in love. It is a great thing to have found a compatible match; now you need to continue your matchmaking efforts with your partner to find a love together that lasts.

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