Ten Reasons to Consider Self Help

I once heard that if you take away just one idea from every Self Help thing you do, you’ll soon have a blueprint for living that will allow you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Perhaps there’s a Self Help seminar, a DVD, an Ebook or an Ecourse you’re considering. Try it. You might learn one thing that will improve your life.

Ask yourself these Ten Questions:

1. Is there something you always wanted to do that you’re not doing?

Most of us have a niggling itch about something we always wanted to do or try. I always wanted to write and paint. Now I do both.

These yearnings do not go away. You always have that little voice that says “Gee, I wish I had the time, money, education, whatever to do…

It might be a career or a hobby. It can be a major or minor itch.

You wish someone could help you do it. Perhaps you could learn to help yourself if you had the tools.

2. Do find yourself at odds with one or more people?

Do you have one or more people that you’re harboring a resentment toward?

Maybe you’re blaming them for something that’s wrong in your life. Maybe you just wish they would go away or stop behaving the way they do.

Whatever it is, you’re not comfortable with the relationship.

Maybe you need a little help to clear it up.

3. Ever wish you had more time?

Did you every wish you had more time to do the things you’d like to do?

Does it seem like what you want to do keeps getting shoved aside because someone or something is making demands on your time?

Maybe you should take a Time Management class.

4. Do you wish you had more money?

Do you ever wish you could increase chris hsu hong kong your income but you just don’t see a way to do it?

Maybe you’d like to find a way to add to your livelihood. There is help for you.

Look around and you’ll find something. Then take action.

5. Ever wish you could paint, write, sculpt or do something creative?

Do you ever wish you had the talent to create something original? But you pass it off with, “I’m just not creative.”

Everyone is creative.

What if you took a jewelry making class? Or took up photography as a hobby, maybe a Self Help book would open the doors to your creativity.

6. Do you wish you were at peace with yourself and your world?

Sometimes it seems anxiety rules and stress is the order du Jour.

Have you ever thought there must be a way to live without worry and stress? Maybe a book or a class has the answer.

7. Have you ever thought of hiring a Life Coach?

You may have considered hiring a life coach but it costs too much.

Maybe there’s a class, a DVD, a seminar, a book or an ecourse that would unlock the door.

There maybe an answer; It could be right in front of you.

8. Would you like to change your life?

Take action. It doesn’t matter what you do.

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