Another Cure or Natural Alternative to Cancer? A Scientifically Sound Treatment Is Proving Itself!

When Suzanne Somers released her groundbreaking research in her book, Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place, there was much controversy amongst the scientific community. She interviewed doctors who have developed effective alternative treatments that do not use chemotherapy, radiation or surgery to treat the disease. In addition, she explores the integrative protocols which combine standard treatments with therapies that build up the immune system. Many of these experts provide nutrition, lifestyle and dietary supplementation options to help protect one from getting the disease int he first place.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, a maverick in the field of medicine, states that conventional medicine’s approach to cancer, prevention and treatment is a debilitating and often deadly fraud. The underlying issue is that the entire cancer treatment ‘industry’ has been following a faulty paradigm for close to one hundred years.

Many Doctors who practice outside the mainstream are often persecuted and treated as criminals for helping patients with no other options available for their survival. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is a prime example of an innovative doctor and scientist that has been vilified by the Texas Medical Board for using non-conventional and non-toxic treatments for his patients.

Currently, there is a revolutionary and innovative drug-free cancer treatment that is proving to be very effective for both early and late stage disease. Conventional oncology has a poor track record in treating advanced and late stage cancers of the breast, colon, lung and prostate. This new treatment is proving to be highly effective without producing and adverse side effects.

While many patients are currently seeking alternatives to cancer therapies to avoid toxic effects and improve their quality of life, not all alternative treatments are effective at prolonging survival compared to mainstream medicine. However a new approach based on over thirty years of solid, scientific evidence is showing remarkable clinical results.

Certain forms of selenium have been shown to trigger cancer cells to self-destruct while causing no harm to normal healthy cells. This revolutionary and novel nutritional cancer therapy incorporates a special diet that is designed to restrict the amino acid methionine. The diet alone has the potential to shrink tumors and makes cancer cells more sensitive to the selenium therapy. Vitamin K3 works synergistically with selenium creating a very potent form of side-effect free chemotherapy. The treatment is universally effective for all forms and stages of cancer.

Recently conducted human clinical studies have verified that treating cancer with high dose selenium is safe and very effective. Selenium is an essential trace element found in most Prostate Protocol foods and supplementation has been shown to very significantly reduce the risk of several forms of cancer. This treatment is available only within the naturopathic medical system as an alternative cancer therapy option. It will most likely not be adopted by conventional mainstream medicine or receive FDA approval since it is not a patentable drug. The inorganic form of selenium, sodium selenite is a nutritional supplement that is present in almost all multivitamins or as an individual supplement. The current treatment protocol uses sodium selenite and is administered by intravenous injection but an orally administered treatment method is proving to be equally effective.

High dose selenium treatment is now available locally or at our affiliated clinics. This treatment is only available through licensed and trained naturopathic physicians. Conventional doctors cannot legally administer the treatment as they can only treat disease with patented and FDA approved drugs. This is a nutritional therapy that is non-toxic and is a revolutionary step away from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Recent clinical studies have demonstrated that selenium therapy coupled with a 100% plant-based diet is very effective for most forms and stages of cancer. The treatment protocol is supported by over 30 years of sound scientific evidence. Selenium therapy is very simple, low-cost and without side effects.

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