Dating Tips for Tinder: A Few Rules to Follow

The dating app Tinder has become a hot component of the online dating world and has established a reputation as an easy way for a guy to meet a new partner. However, there’s more to the process than simply logging on, and a few tips and rules can make the chances of success more likely. Here are a few things to consider:

First impressions are important.

A guy needs to stand out right from the first on Tinder. Just sending a message that says “Hey, saw your profile, what’s up?” isn’t likely to get a response from a woman who has received a few dozen responses. Tailor the message so that it includes some information relevant to her profile and also gives you a little personality. This can take practice, so spend a little time working on that opening greeting 香港相親.

Avoid intimate selfies (at first).

Guys can’t wait to show off their favorite body part and often assume – with some justification – that a woman on Tinder is going to want to know all about the goods as soon as possible. While there are some women who are interested 相睇結婚 in immediately getting a peek at everything a guy has to offer, most are put off if the first thing that shows up is a close-up of an intimate nature. It’s usually better to hold off on more revealing pics until some sort of “relationship” has been established – and to ask if she’s interested before sending them speed dating.

Avoid suggestive talk (at first).

Similarly, if a man say “hi” and goes right into a conversation about how huge he is and what incredible states of bliss he can bring any girl to, he is not necessarily taking the quickest route to success. Even if a man is speaking the truth and not exaggerating, most women would like a little more of an introduction first. Tinder is all about flirting, but it pays to establish a rapport first and then feel one’s way into the discussions about developing a closer relationship. If a man pays attention to the cues he gets from the potential partner, he can figure out how fast he can go in terms of subject matter and language.

Be the interesting version of yourself.

It’s important to be yourself on Tinder, because ultimately, that’s the person that a potential partner is going to meet. But don’t be afraid to be the “interesting” version of yourself. For example, a guy who is fairly shy shouldn’t present himself as a man who likes going to a party and slapping people on the back. But he can tell someone, “I don’t always share my opinions when I’m in a group, but one-on-one I have a lot to say,” or “Groups can make me nervous, but I did go whitewater rafting with some strangers recently.”

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