Real Sense 5 Pro Phone With Latest Enhancement

The RealMe 5 Pro is a new smart phone from HTC, which gives you a mobile phone with the functionality of a small palm top computer. It is an attractive looking device that looks much like a larger version of the iPhone and features a full QWERTY keyboard, excellent graphics quality for video calls, a large LCD screen, and a high definition camera. It also has no home button and you have to turn it on to use it.

Realme 5 Pro Unboxing and Review - YouTube

Although it has the look of an iPhone, it is clearly not an iPhone and because of this some users may find that the RealMe 5 Pro is not as easy to use as some other phones in the same price range. This smart phone is powered by a quad core 1 GHz processor from HTC, and as is the case with many of HTC’s latest models the realme 5 pro runs on Windows. However, if you would like to use Windows on this phone you will need to add a driver download for your computer from HTC’s website.

The RealMe 5 Pro is an ideal mobile phone for anyone who wants to be in touch, but who doesn’t want to give up everything that is familiar and comfortable about their current handset. With a large 4.2-inch screen, the speakers are clear and you can clearly hear the person on the other line. And because this is an AT&T smartphone, you will be able to receive international calls at low rates even when using an international SIM card. Because it has an advanced GPS receiver, the RealMe 5 Pro can also track your mileage, which can be extremely useful as you start out a new business.

Like all other modern smartphones the RealMe 5 Pro has a solid built. It is not too heavy nor too slim, which makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold. The weight is evenly distributed so it is easy to feel comfortable using it. In terms of size, the dimensions of the RealMe 5 Pro are just slightly bigger than that of its predecessor the Real Sense Plus. The two phones share the same screen size so one would expect them to look almost the same.

The processor inside the RealSense Plus was upgraded recently with the release of the RealSense Plus. The upgraded processor increases the speed and accuracy of the processing which helps make everything run a lot faster. However, the upgrade to the Plus processor caused the realme 5 pro price to decrease from its original retail price of $400 to the current low price of $349. This is a very attractive offer considering the high quality of the phone and its several features. In terms of memory, the room is larger and contains higher amounts of ram allowing the phone to operate smoothly and with minimal lag.

The camera on this phone has 5 megapixels in the resolution and uses OMAE SystemArt technology allowing for superior pictures. The camera itself is a very basic unit with no other added features. Despite the lack of flash, the phone does have a sensor located on the back for facial recognition. The real 5 pro price tag will surely keep people interested as it is one of the best smartphone applications currently available.

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