A Simple Guide to Start Your Travel Nursing Agency

Ahead of the current mass shortage of nurses across America, travel nursing have markedly developed in an attempt to provide the necessary nursing workforce for healthcare facilities and patients in need of homecare health services. Travel nurses usually travel from one place to the other to fill temporary vacant nursing positions and fill in healthcare assignments in newly established medical facilities. A great proportion of American nurses nowadays prefer to find work through a travel nursing agency which can help them pick their own convenient working hours, travel to multiple work environments and gain tremendous experience through practicing several medical specialties.

To start a travel nursing agency, you don’t have to be a nurse or a medical professional. The following outlines a simple guide to help you start a travel nursing agency.

Firstly, you will need to pay a visit to your state’s secretary office to get a business license to enable you settle your nursing travel agency. It is also important to check your state health 陪診服務 department to find out about other required licenses as the level of services provided by a certain nursing travel agency determines the types of state licenses required.

Secondly, it is crucial to affiliate with an insurance establishment that is specializing in providing insurance services to nursing personnel. This is important to ensure that all the contracts your nursing agency will take on will be properly covered. Nurses’ Service Organization is a perfect example of an insurance carrier that can effectively endorse your business. Usually, high premium and insurance bonds are expected to be paid, so that your nursing travel agency is licensed to operate in a specific state.

After starting your travel nursing agency, it is important to carefully pick up nursing personnel that will represent your agency. Bear in your mind that travel nurses are independent healthcare service providers that should carry the appropriate licenses and qualifications to work in the healthcare industry. Always, double check the licenses of your candidates and ensure that all their state credentials are valid and updated.
Marketing your travel nursing agency is an important factor in determining the success of your business.

Design and print fliers and brochures that present your agency and the services you are capable of providing. Try to contact home healthcare agencies, governmental health facilities and nursing homes explaining the role of your agency with emphasis on its operation system. Moreover, it is always wise to contact nursing schools and provide them information to pass to newly graduated nurses who might be interested in working with you. It is also beneficial to use the internet as a marketing tool that could be both powerful and of low cost. Posting jobs on online job boards and Craiglist have been proven to add to the success of many nursing agencies across America.

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