Medicine Balls

One of the oldest pieces of equipment used for fitness training is the medicine ball. Mankind has always had a fascination with balls and has loved kicking or throwing them regardless of their shape or size. But being as curious as humans are we have also tried to push the boundaries, experimenting and looking for how many different ways we can use this kind of ball.

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A medicine ball adds weight and momentum to any range of movement that we perform and this weight is transferred through the body to the end point of this motion. So even if we hold the ball and do not throw it, it adds the weight to our body weight and in turn elevates our heart rate and can build muscle and strength through resistance training. Medicine balls come in different sizes and weights, ranging from 2kg right up to 12 kg 파워볼추천사이트.

There are 2 types as well and these are designed either to bounce off the floors or walls (generally made of vinyl or rubber) or leather balls or balls filled with sand or cloth to add weight to the ball. There is also a much smaller diameter ball called a soft shelled medicine ball which are a little bigger than a baseball compared to a normal medicine that is the size of a soccer ball. It is filled with sand or small metal shavings and can be picked up in one hand. These soft shelled or mini balls do not bounce so cannot be used to be thrown against a wall or floor but they are better to be used by kids, elderly or those with disabilities. It allows them to wrap their fingers around the balls and grip them and throw them as they would in a sport activity. They are also more portable due to their size difference and can be thrown more safely with kids and in small groups.

Medicine balls can also come with handles that allow them to be manipulated and held differently, with either one handle or two (Dual grip Medicine balls). This simulates throwing or lifting. All of these can be applied to activities we do in everyday life as well as in Sports conditioning drills for our sports.

The medicine balls are used for rotational power by lifting from the ground and throwing. They can assist here by bracing the core and strengthening the back muscles as the throw is completed. Medicine balls can be thrown against the wall or into the ground and this strengthens the shoulders as well as the core and assists the throwing action for cricket javelin shot-put etc. by creating power and momentum as the weight of the ball follows through. A popular exercise that is commonly used in the gym is holding the medicine ball on the chest and doing crunches while sitting up. There are many variations to this exercise including a twist from side to side as we sit up and this engages more of the stomach muscles and core.

Make sure when looking at purchasing medicine balls you look at what you will be using them for and the best way to achieve strength and power or just as adding weight to the movement. Ensure you go to a supplier that offers good quality not just a cheap imitation and they are able to assist you with exercises that you need.

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