Observed Facts About Psychic Science

The psychic science of today is just barely understood by the general public. There has been much written about this and little understood. However, there are some observations about this science that we can all relate to. Many of these observations are from David Grove’s work and these observations are well worth reading. Some of the observations are from Rumi and some of these observations are from mystics and mediums that have had some experience in the spiritual worlds.

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The first observation about psychic phenomena is the fact that it is not physical at all. It is as near to impossible for a medium or a psychic to be able to see the physical realm with the human senses that we have. What science has observed is the presence of energy fields that surround and interact with matter. There are also other dimensions outside the physical plane that we inhabit. All of these fields are constantly being disturbed by our actions and thoughts the gioi tam linh huyen bi.

Another observation is that psychic phenomena can be studied in the same way as physics and chemistry. The laws of cause and effect that we observe in physics and chemistry are the same laws that can also be observed in psychic fields. These observations are also leading scientists to believe that consciousness is a wave of energy that travels through the entire universe. This energy is known as the “principle” of creation.

A third observed fact about psychic science is that psychic ability is a physical process. When we think or speak, we move particles of our brain from one location to another. These particles are made up of energy that is picked up by the nerves and sent on their way. This is how thought becomes reality.

One final observed fact about psychic power is that it is not a product of mind. Mind is only one component of the equation of psychic power. The rest is energy. Just like thought, so too is psychic power generated from energy. This means that to harness psychic power, you need to generate the energy that goes into creating thought. That means learning how to harness the mind and move it towards psychic development.

It may seem that there are many observed facts about psychic science that don’t agree with one another. But scientists are working hard to understand these concepts and to study how psychic powers work. Once they have completed this important work, then we will be able to appreciate all the amazing things that we can do with psychic power. Now let’s enjoy the fruits of that labor!

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