Car Audio – How To Install Car Audio

Do you want to save some money by installing a car audio system yourself? To install a car audio system, it is not that hard after all, and you definitely can do it. Doing a car audio installation is a very rewarding experience for you too, as you will get to learn a lot from it. Once you get it installed, you will feel a sense of satisfaction from it. Now go and get your desired system.

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What is next after you have bought the system? When you are installing it, you must be very careful as you will not want to damage your expensive system. Most of the audio systems are no-brainers to install. They have shaped sockets and slots which would only fit where it is supposed to be installed. It is advisable for you to follow the instruction manual and proceed methodically Launch creader Crp129x.

Before the installation, you have to determine what kind of rig you are going to put into your car first. If you are a beginner in car audio installation, it is advisable for you to start from a simple system. Leave the more complicated stuffs like LCD installation and motorized parts to the professionals.

One of the easiest things to install is the head units. Most head units follow a standard size. For most of the cars, once the factory radio is removed, the aftermarket radio will fit in the hole. However, some cars may have hole which is too big, and in this case, you will need a kit to install it. To get kits required for installation, you can visit any car audio stores in your town.

Basically, there are 2 types of mounting in a car audio installation. The first is the ISO mounting. It is when the radio can be screwed to existing factory radio brackets. Most Japanese cars are ISO mounted. The second type of mounting is the ring mounting. It is when an aftermarket radio comes with a metal ring that gets mounted to the factory radio hole. In many cars, dash and trim rings have to be filed in order to enlarge the radio hole. After you have successfully installed the ring, the radio slides in and is held by snaps. However, if you want to remove it in the future, special tools are required.

Now, let us talk about speakers. Speaker installation is very critical for your car audio system. If the speakers are not installed properly, the sound will not be up to par. In simple system installation, you are most likely to use speakers which fit correctly into a factory location. Just make sure that there are no gaps or holes. One tip to get better sound is to build a wood or fiberglass baffle to reduce holes. But be careful when using power tools around speakers and the warranties usually do not cover holes in speakers. Do check with your car audio seller before any purchase. If your speaker cannot fit into the location, metal need to be cut. It is highly advisable for you to leave this to the professionals to save you some troubles.

Lastly, after you have successfully installed your car stereo, you need to make sure that it can put up with vibrations and other noise sources. There are excellent sound proofing products in the market that can help to decrease the noise tremendously.

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