Domestic Help For The Elderly During The Season Of Austerity

In these times of government service level cut-backs, the elderly and those with mobility impairment have found themselves devoid of the care that had been historically provided.

Funding cuts have been savage across the UK with home-help bearing the brunt of these cuts.

In some cases, a local council has continued to provide care for the most severe cases of need but in truth, the levels, assessed on a means-test basis, have proved inadequate in identifying all those in need.

One small comfort to arise from the failings of our national care policy is the rise of professional domestic cleaning businesses that provide cleaners who are happy to offer a service that is more than just dusting and polishing.

Although cleaning businesses are primarily geared to providing a means to keep property in good order, they are starting to find themselves as a life-line for those who are either house-bound online domestic helper agency hong kong or suffering from some form of mobility restriction that prevents a person from carrying out some of the most basic functions in life.

Although a professional domestic cleaning business should be insured for their core duties, they are now starting to offer low-level care as a further option.

Low level care as the term describes, may include shopping, help with movement around the property, minor decoration, collecting prescriptions and even looking after pets.

It should be highlighted that low-level care does not include meal preparation, assistance with personal hygiene or any form of administering medicine.

Somebody in need or vulnerable may not instantly think of a domestic cleaner as a source of additional help around the home but it is becoming increasingly popular.

Furthermore, many domestic cleaners may have previously worked within the care industry and have recently found themselves out of work due to the very same cuts that are providing them with this new opportunity.

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