Video Games and Future Realistic Augmented Reality Considered

The future of virtual reality is virtually here. And there is a lot that’s driving this technology such as 3-D TV, movies, and the entertainment industry, but also the video game industry, and unfortunately the pornography industry as well. Nevertheless, that’s a whole lot of money flowing into the future of video games and augmented reality. Also, big bucks are being spent by the military for training as well.

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You see, the future of the “living room video gaming” market will include holographic imagery, surround-sound, pain sensors, brain vibration stimulus through sound waves, and many other technologies. So, too will combat simulators for first responders, SWAT teams, and special forces, or other military exploits – but in the end nothing is better than the cold hard reality of the machine hitting back, because a game that plays in the real world merges the two into one, which IS the future nifty live chart.

This is where virtual reality and augmented reality will meet, the real world of 3-D TV, will also have pain sensor vests, and other nifty features to really give you one heck of a gaming experience in your own living room. In fact, it may become so real that your personal reality of who you are will be blurred.

That’s the future; my question is are you ready for that future?

Now, if you are like me you are saying; “Bring It on!” Still, I ask for you to re-examine this question, are you really ready? Right now it is a couple years out. All these technologies have to be meshed together. And therefore today it’s just something interesting to think about, and somewhat of a mind-screw really. Please consider all this.

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