Online College Degree Program – Is the Teaching Any Different From On-Campus Programs?

Online college degree programs are becoming more popular since an additional degree that you could add to your resume is always welcome. It is mostly working professionals and people who don’t have to time to attend a regular college who benefits from online college degree programs.

Many people are apprehensive about the quality of teaching in an online program. Normally, the online colleges will be a part of the in-campus college and the online courses are offered for those less fortunate who are not able to attend college due to various reasons. So mostly, it is the professors and lecturers of the regular classes will be teaching the online classes also. In most cases the faculty members for teaching the classes are required to have masters and doctoral degrees. These colleges give training to their teachers in online teaching before they start their classes online. The study materials and notes for teaching the online degree courses are prepared by the instructors themselves or under their assistance. So they are as good as those whom you get in a regular college lam bang dai hoc.

In real classroom teaching, the teachers are able to get the feed back then and there itself. But that is not so when it comes to teaching in an online college degree program. Unless you contact them with your doubts or for interaction they would not know whether you understood what he taught. So the success of the program depends on you.

The teaching styles in online programs may differ. Some colleges uses audio lectures on downloadable MP3, some uses online audio visual methods and video-conferencing. The lectures are available to the students as streaming audio or video visuals along with power point presentations. You could contact your instructor and other classmates through discussion boards in the online classroom or through group e-mail. This makes the teaching in an online college degree program interactive also. The contact details of your classmates could be obtained from your online class room. The assignments for the courses could be downloaded from your online classroom and after finishing, it has to be emailed to your instructor.

Some online colleges offer courses which are taught completely online. But for some other colleges, a minimal class attendance is needed. Then you will have to attend one or more classes at their local study centre, as per the requirement. The subjects to be studied in the online degree program are the same as those in a regular college course.

There is hardly any difference in the mode of teaching in an online college degree program and a regular program other than the way knowledge is imparted to you. With motivation and drive you could make the best use of an online college degree program.

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