Top Tips for Slimming Down This Summer

So if you live in a cold climate like me, you know that Summer time is always a season that is looked forward to. It is the time that you can put on your shorts and tank tops and pop down to the shops in your flip flops. The only drawback of summer is that it comes right after the cold seasons, where you are more likely to have put on the pounds so if you are feeling a bit nervous about getting your bikini on this summer, take a look at these top tips for slimming down:

1.) Swap the Soda for Water – OK, now I know that this is not easy for some people. I can think of quite a few people I know who don’t even like water!! But you can jazz it up… Ever thought about having sparkling water with a bit of lemon or maybe even some cucumber? It is very refreshing and you can almost convince yourself that you are sipping on a Gin and Tonic!

2.) Steaming is For The Winter – When it is cold outside you may need some ‘comfort food’ to keep you going but now the sun is out, ditch the steaming. Get your veggies on a barbeque instead. Not only is it good for weight loss it makes the veggies taste completely different which is always a good thing.

3.) Try Alternative Exercise Methods – Would you rather jump in front of a train than run on the treadmill at the gym for 30 minutes? You are not the only one. If you find conventional exercise boring, think of some alternative ways to get your body into shape. What about belly dancing? or Salsa dancing? There is also a great new okinawa flat belly tonic exercise which is becoming popular called Piloxing. (Yep, that’s right, it is a combination of Pilates and Kick Boxing and people are having some great results from this. Remember exercise does not have to be conventional so spice up your life a bit.

4.) Eat In: OK – now you will have to be the judge of this for yourself obviously. But the problem with restaurants (even some of the ones which claim to be healthy) is you just don’t know what the EXACT ingredients are when you have ordered something, nor do you have any control of the cooking methods which are used to produce meals. So I am not saying never eat out but you will find it a lot easier to count your calorie intake if you are preparing the food yourself.

These are just some of methods which you can choose to help you get rid of those pesky winter pounds. Are there any other ways that you lose weight? Share you thoughts below, add a comment.

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