The City Of Hong Kong: A Look

Hong Kong is a city which has a geographically significant location. Placed on the South East coast of China, this city holds global importance when it comes to exchange of goods. In fact, this place has been regarded with high standards when it comes to their infrastructure. It has an expansive skyline which stretches all along the coast that hosts a natural harbor as well.

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The success the city has seen has been possible only because of its people. The statistical data during the mid of 2013 suggests that the population of the city is somewhere around 7,184,000 while in the end of 2012, the reports inferred that the population of this place was 7,177,900. The figures show a growth rate of population by 0.4 percent from the end of 2012 to the mid 2013. The growth rate in the year 2012 is 0.9 percent which is more than the first half of this year. Creating an off shore company in Hong Kong is easy too. Company formation in Hong Kong is actually one of the easiest in the world there 開公司.

Hong Kong has appeared to have grown in size which undoubtedly is read from the statistical data collected from years. Going back to 1950, the number of people on the coastal city were 23,60,000. Slowly the number rolled over to an increase in size. In 2001 the population was recorded as 670,8,389. 10 years later the number rose by 363,187.

The sudden increase was noticed in 1981, when the population grew from 3,995,400 in 1970 to 5,109,812 in 1981 because of heavy duty population flow from the mainland of China to the city of Hong Kong. This migration took place before the abolition of the touch base policy where most of the entrants were young people in the age group 15 to 44.

To have a better view of the rise in population from the year 2012 to mid 2013, the census states that there have been 916,000 births in the city, which is significantly more than the deaths observed during the same period which come around 439,000.

The city of Hong Kong stretches over 1104 And the current population being 7,184,000 the density of the city has increased touching 6,544 per square kilometer. The per capita income of Hong Kong is one of the highest in the world. Hong Kong has earned its credibility by being the world’s leading financial centers. This is because of the composition of the population majorly being occupied by the Chinese people who work hard and bring goodwill to their city.

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