Are You Mapping Your Business on Google Yet?

There’s so much fuss surrounding the localization of Google Maps for small and mid-sized business around the world. Majority of today’s small business owners have joined the amazing opportunity by Google to be a part of the Google Maps API Premier. This new service offers businesses the opportunity to locate their customers, provide directions to their store locations, and more. If you’ve ever considered using this tool, you should check out the great benefits offered from Google Maps API Premier.

Register for the Service

If you’re not a part of this revolutionary online marketing tool, you need to visit Google’s LocalBusinessCenter to google api serp checking add your business free. Businesses that once ranked number one for geo-specific searches may find their websites sitting the edge of the first page of Google results. If you’ve thought about the consequences of this new mapping tool, register your business for their free listing. Nothing can hold you back from taking your thrown back if you’ve lost it to an underdog in the same location.

Combine Marketing Efforts

The Google API Premier returns relevant information to your customers when they search for you through Google Maps. Instead of enjoying a simple listing, you can enjoy these benefits as well:

– Provide secure maps over https

– Increased capacity for high traffic sites

– Business-friendly terms and conditions

– Control advertisements on maps

– Service and support options

– Strong interactivity with Google Maps

This is not only a great solution for businesses suffering from localization. You can use this to evolve your marketing efforts into a more high-tech advantage over competition.

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