Increasing Your Productivity Through The Assistance of Pomodoro Timer

In today’s fast changing world, getting things done is always the key concern. Many people fail to complete their tasks on time. To be frank, it is not “healthy” to keep your work for the next day from time to time. In fact, when you have no time, you need to process more in order to complete your work within the time frame set. In order to increase your productivity and efficiency at work, you need something to remind you. I would highly recommend Pomodoro Timer to assist you to manage your work.

You may not be familiar with this particular timer. It is a special clock or tool which assists you to monitor your work accordingly. It helps you to meet the deadline without fail. This timer is modified based on the basic concept of Pomodoro technique, i.e. a 腕錶 time management approach created by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. For people who have no self-discipline, it is indeed important for them to learn ways to manage their time well. If they don’t do so, they will be categorized as “non-performers”. As a result, they must always set time frame for themselves when they are required to perform certain tasks.

You can always have a Pomodoro Timer with you. You don’t need to spend a single cent to buy Pomodoro Timer as it can be downloaded from the internet for free. There are a few web-based applications such as Pomodairo and Focus Booster which are suitable for both Windows and Mac users. You can always download the application and start applying it based on your needs.

Let me share with you how to utilize the countdown timer at optimum level.

First thing first, you are required to create the task list for yourself. Ask yourself honestly about the type of tasks you need to complete in a day. If the task is too specific and complicated, you are reminded to break it into a few sub-tasks. Please be realistic when you are doing so.

After the task list is set, you can then set the countdown timer. Each Pomodoro lasts for 25 minutes and you are reminded to start working on your task within the time set. The timer will alert you with sound, animation or message. You need to work non-stop until the timer rings. Even if you fail to complete the task within the time frame, you have to record your task status and the interruptions (if any) honestly. By doing so, you can always evaluate your performance in an effective manner.

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