Orthodontic Appliances Developed For Adults

Nowadays, orthodontic appliances are becoming more and more popular among adults, since many of them are now showing great interest about ways to preserve their healthy teeth. In addition, many adults now know about the fact that orthodontic treatments will be able to provide them with better smile.

Today, there are several treatment procedures that are used in order to correct the irregularities of the teeth among adults. Among these treatments include fixed braces, lingual appliances and Invisalign. For some severe cases of teeth misalignment, painless surgical procedures are commonly used.

Fixed braces are among the commonly used treatments for misaligned teeth. They are square-shaped individual brackets which are placed on every tooth and there are metal rings attached at the back of the teeth. These metal rings and square-shaped brackets are joined together using fine wire จัดฟัน. If you get this treatment, you need to wear it for about six to eighteen months. You also have to go to an orthodontic clinic on a monthly basis for consultation.

Lingual appliances are also used by orthodontists for correcting teeth irregularities. This treatment is commonly placed within the mouth of the patient. Usually, an orthodontist would need to apply surgery for this type of treatment. Nevertheless, this type of treatment is only done if the orthodontic problems are more complex and if simpler methods don’t work.

Another treatment used by orthodontic specialists is Invisalign, which is considered by many to be a better substitute for traditional metal braces. One of the many advantages of wearing this aligner is that it is practically invisible, which means it will be hard for anyone to notice that you are wearing them. This unique method is commonly done using brackets and wires. It also makes use of transparent plastic aligners.

These orthodontic aligners are made using a three dimensional computer imaging technology. And based on the bite impressions of the patient, an orthodontist can create a perfect solution to the patient’s orthodontic problems. Invisalign allows for slow moving of the patient’s teeth into proper positions and they need to be change every two weeks.

Another benefit of Invisalign is that they can be removed so that the user can eat food without feeling any type of discomfort. This removability also allows for the user to maintain good oral hygiene. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign needs to be worn for about 12 months. But, it also requires monthly consultation with the orthodontist to be more effective.

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