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In order to sell a home quickly in today’s market, not only must it be priced right, but it also must be properly prepared to sell. This includes cleaning, organizing, repairing and staging. Following are 15 steps to guide you in getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

1. Make a Good First Impression
Little things can make a huge difference. First and foremost, make sure everything is clean and tidy. No one is impressed by a messy exterior. Rake the leaves. Sweep the porch. Dust for cob-webs. These are the basics and the musts. But why not take it a little further? Infuse a little color. How about adding some colorful, potted flowers or flower boxes to the windows? Paint the front door an eye-catching color. Design a flower bed in the front of your home. Studies have shown that people are drawn to color so take a little time to add a little color.

2. Clean it Up
The most important thing you can do to the interior of your home is make sure it’s clean. Wax the floors. Clean the carpet. Scrub the baseboards. Clean the fireplace. Touch up the trim, or better yet, repaint truyền nước tại nhà the walls if the paint is fading. Remember that the majority of home buyers will respond to neutral shades inside. So stay away from the deep, jewel tones no matter how much you may like them.

3. De-Clutter
Unless you already maintain minimalist approach, gather up half of your home accessories and put them out of sight. I’m talking about family photos, souvenirs from your vacations, dog toys, children’s toys, books, magazines, doll collections, etc. This will accomplish two things – 1) your home will appear larger, and 2) the prospective buyer will be able to imagine their belongings in the home. This is imperative because the better someone can visualize making it their home, the better the chances that you’ll get an offer.

4. Arrange your Furniture
In a smaller home, make sure that your furniture is arranged in a way that creates the perception of open space. This will make the rooms appear larger. Don’t block entry ways or place too much furniture in the center of the room. Create attractive living areas that best express the room the way it was intended. If your home has nooks and crannies, get creative and show prospective buyers inventive ways to use the space that maybe they wouldn’t think of. If your home has large, expansive rooms, focus on creating multiple gathering areas with your furniture arrangements, as opposed to one large sitting area.

5. Check Bulbs and Faucets
Remember, light and bright sells homes. Help add to the natural light by ensuring all the bulbs are replaced and are working. And when the property is being shown, turn them all on. Fix any leaky faucets. The dripping sound will be a nuisance, and a prospective buyer may wonder what larger problems may exist if you couldn’t even fix the minor ones.

6. Pay Attention to Closet and Cabinet Doors
All closets should have doors. If you’ve hung curtains in the bedroom closet where the doors should go – put them back. It looks tidier and “finished.” And make sure that all of your doors and cabinets open and close smoothly. As far as door handles and pulls, if yours are seriously outdated consider updating them. Kitchen handles and pulls are generally pretty easy and inexpensive to replace and new ones will instantly create a more modern look.

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