On Hold Messages and Orthodontics – Wired For Success!

Should your orthodontics office consider on hold messages? If you’re looking for a great way to promote patient participation, the answer is “Yes!” It’s no secret that to achieve the best results with orthodontic treatment, it is essential for the patient to play their part. This includes keeping appointments, wearing rubber bands and retainers as recommended, and reporting loose or broken bands. So how can you, as an orthodontist, help get that message across? One solution is to make sure the parents know, and a great way to accomplish that is to tell then at every opportunity.

An untapped resource in many orthodontic offices is the time patients and, more often, their parents spend on hold. When your staff has to place a caller on hold, that time can be used to 홀덤 educate and inform callers. Not only is on hold time ideal for important treatment reminders, it can also be used to let callers know about the importance of early intervention, or new innovations, like clear aligners and time brackets. You can even use on hold messages to give a little background about the training and experience of the doctor and staff.

With our media driven society, it is important to get your message out as often as possible. But more importantly, on hold messages build confidence in your practice, and serve to let your callers know they are appreciated. A person hearing messages on hold is also less likely to hang up than a person who is left in silence or forced to listen to beeps or chimes.

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