Health Risks of Perfume and Perfume Allergies

Although in ancient times perfume was merely the distillation of floral essences, perfume of today is created with both synthetic chemicals and nature based materials derived from either animals or botanical means.

Many individuals can suffer from health risks when using or being around others who use perfume as well as those who suffer from perfume
allergies. Since the formulas used to make perfume is consider trade secrets by the manufacturers who make them, they are not required to list
the ingredients of their perfumes, so they generally list them as fragrance on their perfume bottle labels.

Not knowing exactly what may be in any particular perfume leaves physicians lacking the information they need to make a determination of
exactly what may be causing an allergic reaction or what may pose as a health risk to some people.

Here is a list of some ingredients that may or not be in any particular perfume:

– Benzaldehyde

– Benzyl acetate

– Benzyl alcohol

– Camphor

– Ethanol

– Ethyl acetate, which is on n EPA Hazardous Waste list

– Limonene

– Linalool

– a-Pinene

– g-Terpinen

– a-Terpineol

Some of these chemicals can make people ill, as they may suffer from these symptoms or illnesses that may be irritated by using or being in
close contact with someone wearing perfume products.

– Rashes

– Hives

– Dermatitis

– Eczema

– Sinusitis

– Asthma

– Sever headaches

– Nausea

– Central Nervous System disorders

– Fatigue

– Drowsiness

– Impaired vision

– Trouble concentrating

– Irritation of the eyes or upper respiratory tract

– Confusion

– Convulsions

– Uncontrollable coughing or sneezing

– any other numerous reactions depending upon the person and the chemical that is irritating them

Keep in mind when wearing any perfume product, especially a designer perfume, that it may not necessarily the scent that may be irritating an allergy sufferer, rather, it is a chemical of

the perfume offsetting an allergic reaction or even a health risk. Most of the time you do not even realize that Make your perfume sentosa someone may be allergic to

perfume until they suffer a bout with their allergies while being around you.

Since perfumes today are created by using different types of, chemicals they can in turn create allergic reactions and can sometimes make
worse existing conditions. When using a new or different perfume you should try a perfume sample, to make sure you are not allergic to it.

Anytime you show signs of an allergic reaction or a health risk of perfume, you should immediately stop using it, while becoming aware of its
ingredients. If an allergic reaction to perfume becomes sever, you should also consult with your physician to try to find out what may be an
allergy trigger or allergen for you. However, if you find you are not allergic to perfume and it poses no health risk to you and those around
you, you will more than likely be able to use that particular perfume product.

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